Killer Whale
(Orcinus orca)
Did you know?
Killer whales are not actually "whales"? They are the largest member of the dolphin family!


Aquatic Mammals Journal

Aquatic Mammals journal coverIMATA members were provided the  opportunity to become involved with The European Association for  Aquatic Mammals' peer-reviewed journal: Aquatic Mammals. Professional IMATA members Dr. Heidi Harley & Dr. Grey Stafford have been appointed to the Aquatic Mammals Editorial Board.  Professional IMATA members Patrick Berry & Sunna Edberg have also been appointed as guest editors for a new column that will be incorporated into the Journal: Conditioning for Conservation.

Conditioning for Conservation Column

The Conditioning for Conservation column is dedicated to peer-reviewed manuscripts that identify behavioral conditioning techniques used to facilitate research methodologies of marine animals under human care which contribute to conservation of these species in the wild. 

If you are interested in publishing in this peer-reviewed column of the Aquatic Mammals Journal, please contact Dr. Debi Luke, Research and Conservation Committee Chair at


Aquatic Mammals is the peer-reviewed journal of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) and is the oldest peer-reviewed journal publishing papers on marine mammal science. The journal is available as a printed copy, CD, or online version through Ingenta Connect. 

Aquatic Mammals is sincerely concerned about the use of consumables such as paper, ink, and mailing envelopes. The journal’s Editors, Editorial Board, and sponsors want to minimize the impact of journal publications on the environment.

As of 1 January 2010, all published materials by Aquatic Mammals (articles, manuscripts, correspondence, reviews, renewal notices, etc.) will be published and/or distributed entirely electronically. As a result, Aquatic Mammals will no longer appear in hard copy format. Rather, Aquatic Mammals will become a “real-time” online journal.

For subscription information, please access the Aquatic Mammals website:

IMATA Membership Access to Aquatic Mammals

As an IMATA membership benefit, Aquatic Mammals is granting access to the electroinc journal for Professional and Active IMATA members. If you would like to access the Aquatic Mammals journal and enjoy this membership benefit, please follow the directions below.

Process for IMATA Member Login To Aquatic Mammals Journal

  • Go to:
    • Login
      • If this is your first time:
        • Under Subscriber Login, type your email address into the Username box (use the email address you have associated with your IMATA membership)
        • Click "forgot your password." An email will be sent to you with token information to reset your password.
        • Reset your password per the instructions via email and login.
      • If you already have an Aquatic Mammals password, simply enter your email address under Login and enter your password.
    • Once logged in, go to the link at the top of the menu bar titled "archive/back issues" and then browse issues.