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Seminar: Training Cognitive Research and Thinking Games with Marine MammalsExploring American Humane’s Global Initiatives for Animal Welfare in Zoos and Beyond

Tuesday, 25 June 2024

2:00 PM EST 

Research Chat: Training Cognitive Research & Thinking Games with Marine Mammals

Dolphin Research Center (DRC) has conducted a number of cognitive research studies over the years – including research on dolphins’ understanding of numbers, object permanence, imitation, cooperation, and more. Of course, the dolphins don’t know that it’s research. To them, these are “thinking games.” But training these kinds of research games can be different than training physical behaviors in some ways. In this seminar, members of DRC’s research team will talk about the cognitive research projects that they’ve done, how they’ve trained them, and open up the floor to questions and conversation about research training in general.

The discussion will be led by Dr. Kelly Jaakkola and Emily Guarino.

Kelly Jaakkola is a cognitive psychologist, marine mammal scientist, and Director of Research for the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida. She earned her Master's degree in Psychology from Emory University, where she began her career studying cognition in chimpanzees and human children, and received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from MIT. Her past research includes studies on number concepts, object permanence, imitation, and communication in dolphins, chimpanzees, and human children. Her current work focuses on dolphin cognition, communication, and welfare.

Emily Guarino is Director of Research Training & Data Collection at Dolphin Research Center (DRC), FL, where she coordinates research projects on dolphin cognition, behavior, and communication. Emily is a research trainer, working with DRC’s dolphins on both research projects and public programs, and has successfully integrated research experiences for guests into interactive programs. She also runs DRC’s field research program with wild dolphins in the Florida Keys, including a collaborative effort to collect morphometric data and genetic sampling through the use of UAVs.

This seminar is free for IMATA members. Please register for this seminar by CLICKING HERE.