Sea Otter
(Enhydra lutris)
Did you know?
River otters swim belly-down showing little of their backs but sea otters swim belly-up floating high in the water!


News Splash

Week of 11 November 2012


New England Aquarium facility in Quincy cares for sea turtles that washed ashore in storm
Aquarium warms up stranded sea turtles; more expected after nor’easter (New England Aquarium)
Stranded RI sea animals moved to Mystic Aquarium
SeaLife Center rescues sea otter pup (Alaska SeaLife Center)
SeaWorld Orlando returns 2 rescued sea turtles to habitat



Week of 28 October 2012


Juvenile otter rescued on the road—pup was likely looking for separated mother (Alaska SeaLife Center, Indianapolis Zoo, New York Aquarium/Wildlife Conservation Society)
SeaWorld releases manatee back into wild after rehabilitation (SeaWorld Orlando)
In SeaWorld rehab, manatee Lil Joe reunites with old pal (SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Lowry Park Zoo)
Conn. Mystic Aquarium to release 2 seal pups in RI
One spoiled rare turtle released off South Carolina (South Carolina Aquarium, National Aquarium in Baltimore)
Aquarium seal pups set free on Sunshine Coast (Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre)
Unusual octopus specimen found in waters off San Pedro (Cabrillo Marine Aquarium)
Rescued sea turtle released off San Diego coast (Oregon Coast Aquarium, SeaWorld San Diego)
Lowry Park Zoo releases manatee, calf back into the wild
Cincinnati Zoo releasing another manatee
Arctic walruses rescued from certain death enjoy turn in East Coast limelight (Alaska SeaLife Center, New York Aquarium/Wildlife Conservation Society, Indianapolis Zoo)



Week of 7 October 2012


50-foot whale found dead in Boston Harbor (New England Aquarium)
Recovered seal returned to Unalaska waters (Alaska SeaLife Center)
Aquarium: Freed leatherback turtle sea turtle appears to be doing well (New England Aquarium)
SeaWorld San Diego and San Diego Zoo Global conservation program recognized with national award
Sea lion who survived two gunshot wounds now on exhibit at Indianapolis Zoo,0,7485679.column
Beached whale euthanized on Wallops (Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center)





Week of 16 September 2012


Restoring endangered coral in the Caribbean (Shedd Aquarium)
Green sea turtle healing after successful surgery (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo)
Whales continuing to receive round-the-clock care at SeaWorld Orlando
Rescued seal pup gains its freedom (Vancouver Aquarium)




Week of 9 September 2012


Shark bitten sea turtle returns to the ocean (South Carolina Aquarium)
Otter rescued from Main Beach Monday treated and will be released back into wild (Monterey Bay Aquarium)
SeaWorld Orlando rescues injured manatee
Photos: Mystic Aquarium releases baby seal
Virginia Aquarium team to release turtle today
Virginia Aquarium team to release turtle today




Week of 26 August 2012


Adult loggerhead turtle rescued by SeaWorld from Indian River lagoon (SeaWorld Orlando)|head
Rehabilitated manatee gives birth at zoo (Lowry Park Zoo)
Sea turtle found on Oregon Coast to start journey back to wild (Oregon Coast Aquarium)
Rescued dolphin released near Sarasota (Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium)
Wilson the manatee, others return to Mobile Bay (SeaWorld Orlando)
Manatee’s capture a key find for scientists (SeaWorld Orlando)
Orphaned otters find a home (Monterey Bay Aquarium, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium)
SeaWorld calls in the Navy to help rescue rare turtle (SeaWorld San Diego, Oregon Coast Aquarium)
Nearly 20 sea turtles released (North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores)
Sea turtles return to the Atlantic Ocean (South Carolina Aquarium)
Sea turtle, bitten by shark, is now one of two turtles getting released




Week of 12 August 2012


Endangered birds released into local wetlands (SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo)
Gallant effort made to save stranded dolphin (National Aquarium)
Beached whale in Stonington dies (Mystic Aquarium)
Rescued manatee gives birth to calf at SeaWorld Orlando|head
Injured porpoise rescued from beach in Esquimalt (Vancouver Aquarium)
Vancouver Aquarium caring for injured sea otter found on U.S. beach
Aquarium releases seven sea turtles after months of treatment (New England Aquarium)
SeaWorld Orlando returns manatee, newborn calf to Merritt Island
SeaWorld Orlando releases rehabilitated sea turtles
Pacman the sea turtle rehabilitated in Va. and released (Virginia Aquarium)
FAU and Georgia Aquarium to conduct first study of key immune cells of bottlenose dolphins and response to environmental stressors
Two walrus calve orphans head to Seward (Alaska SeaLife Center)
Back to nature: Boat-injured manatee recovers, returned to Marco Island waters (Lowry Park Zoo)
Virginia Beach volunteers count dolphins (Virginia Aquarium)



Week of 22 July 2012


Coast guard crew rescues injured loggerhead turtle (Florida Aquarium)
Stranded sea turtle recovering at Oregon Coast Aquarium
Dead manatee, live calf found near Bayshore Boulevard (Lowry Park Zoo)
First-ever baby beluga comes to Alaska SeaLife Center
Orphaned sea lion pups need round-the-clock feeding (SeaWorld San Diego)
Rescued injured manatee is pregnant (SeaWorld Orlando)
Rehabilitated green sea turtle released by the Aquarium of the Pacific swims over 500 miles
Howard the turtle back home in the waves (Florida Aquarium)
Biologists hope to find two manatees that lost their tracking tags (SeaWorld Orlando, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)
APNewsBreak: Beluga had numerous infections (Alaska SeaLife Center, Georgia Aquarium, John G. Shedd Aquarium, SeaWorld San Diego)




Week of 10 June 2012 


SeaWorld (Orlando) releases rescued manatee in Merritt Island
Endangered whales on path to recovery (New England Aquarium)
Endangered Mass. turtles to be released in warmer waters (New England Aquarium)
Beached bottlenose dolphin rescued from longboat Key (Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium)
Rehabilitated sea turtle to move to national aquarium (Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium)

Beached whale found on White Rock Beach south of Vancouver (Vancouver Aquarium)
Hunt on to find whose fishing gear snared whale (Vancouver Aquarium)
Blacktip sharks studies off Boca Grande Pass (Mote Marine Aquarium/Florida Aquarium)


Week of 27 May 2012 


Study Compares Mercury Levels In Wild vs. Captive Dolphins (National Aquarium)
Baby dolphin saved by SeaWorld Orlando rescue team: Newborn getting special care
Rescue effort unable to save stranded whale (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo)
The first Zoo/Aquarium New York Times series article is out:


Week of 13 May 2012

S.C. Aquarium to return two rehabilitated loggerhead sea turtles to sea Friday
Vancouver Aquarium becomes permanent home of rescued porpoise (with video)
Aquarium rehabilitates endangered green sea turtle (Aquarium of the Pacific)
Aquarium researchers release hundreds of endangered darters, more than doubling population (Tennessee Aquarium)



Week of 15 April 2012


Sea World rescues manatee north of Vero Beach
Why can't manatees avoid boats? It's not their hearing (Mote Marine Aquarium)




Week of 8 April 2012


SeaWorld rescues 3-day-old sandhill crane
Sarasota lab treating tiny loggerhead turtle (Mote Marine Aquarium)




Week of 1 April 2012


Orphaned Alaska sea otter pup rescued (Alaska Sealife Center)
Dead whale removed from Crane Beach (New England Aquarium)
SeaWorld rescues beached pups,0,4368047.story
Rehabilitated seal to be released in Charlestown (Mystic Aquarium)
Two sea lions are assisted in La Jolla (SeaWorld San Diego)
Harp seal being released Thursday from Charlestown Beach (Mystic Aquarium)
Orphaned Alaskan bear cubs make Detroit Zoo debut
Photos: Mystic Aquarium releases harp seal
SeaWorld (Orlando) cares for sea turtles found on Brevard Beaches
Rescued otter pup finds a home at the Aquarium of the Pacific




Week of 18 March 2012


"Seymour" saved in a real-life dolphin tale (SeaWorld Orlando, Chicago Zoological Society, Mote Marine Aquarium)
Sea lion returns to ocean (SeaWorld San Diego)
Six sea lions rescued since Friday (SeaWorld San Diego)
SeaWorld releases rescued sea turtle in Cocoa Beach
Sea turtle released after swallowing 4-inch fishing hook (SeaWorld Orlando)




Week of 2 March 2012


Gene therapy could help corals survive climate change (Mote Marine Aquarium)
Sea lion wound suggests sharks in Puget Sound (Seattle Aquarium)




Week of 19 February 2012


Increased shipping in the North could threaten whales (New England Aquarium)
SeaWorld stages dolphin rescue in Halifax River
SeaWorld veterinarians remove bullet from California sea lion found shot on Oceanside beach




Week of 12 February 2012


Marine experts helping dolphin (Mystic Aquarium)
Loggerhead research shows turtles congregate in same Gulf spots (Mote Marine Aquarium)
SeaWorld to release rescued manatees back to wild,0,4057609.story
Whales 'stressed by ocean noise' (New England Aquarium)
Dead dolphin washed ashore on Nantucket (New England Aquarium)



Week of 29 January 2012



Shedd tries to save grouper, an endangered fish (John G. Shedd Aquarium)
Stranded and orphaned, baby otter is nursed back to health (John G. Shedd Aquarium)
SeaWorld caring for rescued dolphin from Panama City
Young turtles washed ashore in seaweed (Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo)




Week of 22 January 2012



Sea turtles arrive safely at SC Aquarium
Endangered sea turtle rescued on San Diego beach (SeaWorld San Diego)
SeaWorld San Diego nursing endangered sea turtle
Endangered whales spied near LBC (Aquarium of the Pacific)




Week of 8 January 2012


Third sea turtle fights for its life in aquarium care (Vancouver Aquarium)
Mote Marine releases rescued sea turtle back into the Gulf off Longboat Key
Rare turtle to return to Gulf after trans-Atlantic trek (Mote Marine Aquarium)
Killer seal virus found (New England Aquarium)
Death of ringed seals in Alaska an unusual mortality event (Alaska Sealife Center)
Calf kept with injured manatee treated at zoo (Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo)
Unusual turtle stranding season putting aquatic care center to the test (New England Aquarium)
Sea otter released into Kachemak Bay (Alaska Sealife Center)
Sea turtle rescued on New Year's Day in Va. Beach (Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center)
Green sea turtle hatchlings from Delaware released into Gulf Stream in North Carolina (North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores)|newswell|text|Delaware%20Wave|s
Lewes-hatched sea turtles released off North Carolina (North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores)|topnews|text|Home
Boaters spot humpback whales in Virginia Beach (Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center),0,2294840.story