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Every day IMATA members like you dedicate yourselves to the marine animals in our care. We provide the highest quality care, habitat, training, interactive programs, education and other factors vital to their welfare. Today, we are asking for your help in sharing your thoughts on the recent decision by TripAdvisor to end the sales of tourism programs that involve cetaceans in some zoos and aquariums.

It’s sad and unfortunate to see TripAdvisors use its brand and resources to attack world-class, accredited aquariums and marine parks and undermine their work to educate the public about marine mammals, study them, and conserve them in the wild. The company could have made a real difference for whale and dolphin conservation by supporting that work and spearheading new efforts to help imperiled animals in the wild but instead chose to try to appease animal rights extremists by severing its long-standing partnerships with zoological facilities that display cetaceans and supporting the creation of ill-conceived “sea sanctuaries.”


Use the tool below to send a pre-written message to TripAdvisor (or use our message as a sample to craft your own email). Whichever option you choose, please do not forget to sign your email. IMATA members are the experts in the field of marine mammal care and training. That said, TripAdvisor should hear from people like you who believe that our colleagues take wonderful care of their animals and that their pandering to animal rights extremists is a missed opportunity to support work that is helping marine conservation.

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