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Advertising and Exposure

We are providing great opportunities for Organizations and Vendors to gain excellent exposure to our members.  We have created an array of advertising advantages that go beyond our traditional methods enabling you to reach out to all IMATA members.  Please see the following arenas that you may venture into to present your company and what they have to offer. 

Click on the links below for further details:

Advertisement in Publications and Website
Preferred Vendor Program
Conference Sponsorship
Conference Exhibitor

All inquiries and correspondence regarding IMATA advertising, sponsorship and exhibiting will be personally facilitated by: Michelle Shoemaker, IMATA Sponsorship Committee Chair,





McRoberts Sales Small

"We look forward to the annual IMATA conference since it provides us with a relaxed forum to meet first hand with the individuals that use our products.  The feedback we receive from our sponsored coffee breaks is priceless and also offers us a refreshing approach to our specialized business.  The general sessions provide us with an opportunity to learn from the world's foremost experts on the ever changing future of marine animal training.  We feel priviledged to be able to sponsor and work with IMATA to help them advance the human care and handling of marine animals around the world." - McRoberts Sales

Bionic Bait Logo Small

"Exhibiting at the IMATA conference has given us tremendous opportunites to learn about the marine mammal community.  It has provided our company with invaluable access to key personnel from multiple facilities at one time and in one location." - Bionic Bait





What marketing exposure will I receive as a sponsor at IMATA’s conference?

Depending upon your level of sponsorship, you maybe able to receive:

  • Sponsor Logo and Link on IMATA’s Website
  • Sponsor Logo and company description in IMATA Conference Program, Proceedings
  • Sponsor Recognition in IMATA’s Quarterly Online Magazine, Soundings
  • Promotional Material distribution at the conference
  • Public acknowledgement

What are the levels of exposure that IMATA has to offer?

Here are some numbers to help you realize just how many people you could ultimately be reaching through advertising, sponsoring and exhibiting with IMATA.

  • Total number of IMATA Conference attendees = 450-650/year
  • Total number of IMATA Members = over 1,500
  • Total number of marine parks, zoos, and aquariums worldwide = over 250
  • Total number of guests that visit these attractions = over 140 million/year

Where does our money go?

Depending on what you are sponsoring or investing in, your money goes into the costs involved to produce that event or publication.