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IMATA Research Grant

Grants Awarded

Year: 2014
Proposal Title: Sound localization abilities of two loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta)
Principle Investigator: Holly West (Mote Marine Laboratory)
Award Amount: $2550.00


Year: 2014
Proposal Title: Salivary cortisol levels in California sea lions (Zalophus californianus)
Principle Investigator(s): Joseph Gaspard (Pittsburgh Zoo & Ppg Aquarium) and Michelle Farmerie (Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium)
Award Amount: $1450.00  


Year: 2013
Proposal Title: "Aerobic Dive Limits of Hawaiian Monk Seals"
Principle Investigator: Traci Kendall and Beau Richter
Affiliation: Long Marine Laboratory - University of California, Santa Cruz
Award Amount: $3,000

Year: 2013
Proposal Title: "Dietary Consumption of Tannins in Common Bottlenose Dolphins? Natie and Non-Native Diets and its Possible Effects on Iron Absorption"
Principle Investigator: Rita Stacey
Affiliation: Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield Zoo
Award Amount: $3,000

Year: 2012
Proposal Title: "Investigation of the Physiological Adaptations of Marine Mammals"
Principle Investigator: Joseph Gaspard and Traci Kendall
Affiliation: Mote Marine Laboratory and Long Marine Laboratory, University of California at Santa Cruz
Award Amount: $3,000

Year: 2011
Proposal Title: "Physiological Effects of Artificial Weaning on Sea Lion Pups"
Principle Investigator: Brandon T. Davis
Affiliation: Physiological Ecology and Bioenergetics Lab at the University of Central Florida and SeaWorld Orlando
Award Amount: $2,070
Project Description: Little is know about what occurs physiologically to a sea lion pup when it is weaned from its mother in an abbreviated period of time than that which occurs in a natural setting. This study will investigate how developmental changes, such as body mass, girth measurements, blubber depth, blood values, and thyroid hormone levels differ as sea lion pups are weaned at five, seven, and nine months of age.

Year: 2011
Proposal Title: "Comparing Dietary Consumption of Iron in Wild Versus Captive Dolphins"
Principle Investigator: Rita Stacey
Affiliation: Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield Zoo
Award Amount: $2,500
Project Description: Extra iron can build up in the liver and other organs which can lead to health problems. This study will compare the dietary consumption of iron in wild dolphins to that of dolphins in human care. Nutritional and mineral analyses of fish in native and non native diets will be correlated to the iron levels of the dolphins.



The IMATA Research Grant was established in 2011 to provide financial support for research projects which address IMATA's Mission. All submissions underwent a rigorous and competitive two-tier review process before the IMATA Research and Conservation Committee submitted funding recommendations to the IMATA Board for consideration.