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IMATA Conservation Fund

Funds Awarded

Year: 2020
Organization: Ocean Connections
Award Amount: $3000.00
Description: The Restore the 4-1-Shore is a shoreline restoration project designed to analyze and reverse the negative impact of humans on several area shorelines in WI.  In addition, conservation curriculum in several Milwaukee Public School classrooms and engage students in hands-on Milwaukee River repair, aiming to educate and inspire local youth to become environmental stewards.


Year: 2014
Organization: The Himalaya
Award Amount: $2,000.00
Description: The Himalaya is non-profit and independent non-government organization established for scientific research of mountain resources that are distributed from high mountain to low land eco region of Nepal Himalaya. Since 2009, the Himalaya has been partnering with the Forestry Research & Nature Development Society on a research project to understand the conservation status and threats of river dolphins in Nepal.
Resulting Publications: (click to download): 
Paudel, S., Pal, P., Cove, M. V., Jnawali, S. R., Abel, G., Koprowski, J. L., Ranabhat, R.  (2015). The Endangered Ganges River dolphin Platanista gangetica gangetica in Nepal: abundance, habitat and conservation threats. Endangered Species Research, 29, 59-68.

Paudel, S., Levesque, J. C., Saavedra, C., Pita, C., Pal, P. (2016). Characterization of the artisanal fishing communities in Nepal and potential implications for the conservation and management of Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica gangetica). PeerJ, 4:e1563.


Year: 2012
Organization: Wuhan Baiji Conservation Foundation
Award Amount: $3,000
Description: The Wuhan Baiji Conservation Foundation aims to protect the endangered Yangtze river cetaceans, the baiji and the Yangtze finless porpoise from extinction and to make the Yangtze as their permanent paradise for living by rehabilitating their habitats, reducing various human effects, establishing ex situ protected populations, raising public awareness and involvement, and supporting basic research.



The International Marine Animal Trainers Association Conservation Fund was founded in 2011 to provide financial support for third-party non-profit organization projects which focus on conservation-oriented issues and promote communication, professionalism, and cooperation among those who serve marine mammal science through training, public display, research, husbandry, conservation and education.