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Joining IMATA has perks!

The International Marine Animal Trainers' Association is dedicated to advancing the humane care and handling of marine animals by fostering communication between professionals that serve marine animal science through training, public display, research, husbandry, conservation, and education. 


Members of IMATA receive premium benefits including: 


  • Discounts on registration to IMATA’s annual conference 

  • Subscription to IMATA’s quarterly digital magazine, Soundings 

  • Subscription to the Aquatic Mammals journal (Active and Professional members) 

  • Ability to view current career opportunities via IMATA’s Job Board 

  • Professional mentorship program 

  • Downloadable library resources and access to Soundings’ historical archive 


A Global Community… 


IMATA provides its professional members a forum through which to share and learn the most progressive and responsible management techniques benefiting the marine animals in their care. The animals' wellbeing is IMATA's priority. The public's experience with these animals fosters emotional and personal connections that promote conservation of our marine environments and respect for marine species. 

IMATA's mission is to inspire its members to strive for excellence and foster communication through participation in IMATA-sponsored educational programs that foster the exchange of science, information and ideas. These include workshops, seminars, publications, conferences and individual interaction. 

With tiered levels, it’s easy to find the right membership for you!