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Advertisment on IMATA's Websites

For those that want extreme exposure, consider the many advantages of advertising on IMATA’s websites. You can be just a click away to contacting our members and non-members worldwide. IMATA’s website averages over 8,188 hits per day, 4,380 visitors per month and receives over three million hits per year. Stackers and banner ads receive at least 1 hit per visitor, in which each visitor hits at least 6 pages per visit. So, getting hit, does not hurt on IMATA’s website.

Website advertising is on a monthly basis. You can block several months in a row if you wish. A discount is applied for 3, 6, and 12 consecutive months. There are many different pages that you may advertise your company’s information.  Each page has a limited amount of stackers and banners that can be displayed. Check out the pages of our website,, to see where you would like to flash your company’s information.

We offer advertising option on our main website,, as well as our Conference website, and our quarterly online publication Soundings website,

>> Download the Information and Pricing Packet for additional details and start Advertising NOW.

Advertising Benefits: The Facts

  • Reach over 1,700 IMATA members on
  • Total number of facilities with members in IMATA = more than 200.
  • The annual IMATA Conference promoted at draws 450-650 attendees every year. Many others visit the website to learn about the event.
  • Your ad will link directly to your website to allow interested parties to easily transition to learn more about what you have to offer or make a purchase.
  • IMATA’s websites attract more than 4,500 unique visitors every month. 
  • IMATA’s Soundings magazine is published quarterly and distributed to the more than 1,700 IMATA members online at
  • Past issues of Soundings are available on the website for most membership levels allowing your ad to live on for maximum exposure.
  • Your ad will link directly to your website allowing interested parties to easily transition to learn more about what you have to offer or make a purchase.

Due to quantity restrictions, some of the advertising options for the IMATA website may not be immediately available.  Please check with Michelle Shoemaker, IMATA Sponsorship Committee Chair, for additional details.