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Please join us in opposing the recently introduced legislation that will impede Mystic Aquarium’s mission to protect the ocean planet. Bill No. 5341 was raised in the General Assembly by a member of Environment subcommittee to enact a bill effective 1 October 2020 titled “Prohibiting The Sale And Breeding Of Certain Cetaceans.”

Mystic Aquarium is asking you to provide testimony opposing the Bill that can be submitted to the Committee. The deadline for submitting testimony is Thursday at 12:00PM EST.

To assist in these efforts, a draft letter template is available for your review (below). You may submit the draft as-is or personalize template with a paragraph and to customize it with your name and contact information. The more that you adapt this to your own voice and make it unique, the better.

Please ask others in your family, your friends and coworkers to join the effort by submitting written testimony as well.

The Raised Bill is viewable HERE.

IMATA members are the experts in the field of marine mammal care and research and the lawmakers need to hear from people like you who believe that IMATA members and our colleagues should be able to continue research to make strides in beluga research and conservation.

We have made it easy for you to submit a personal message - choose an option below:

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