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Preferred Vendor Program 

The Preferred Vendor Program is a benefit for all members, whether you are an individual, organization or vendors. 

The Preferred Vendor Program is designed to accommodate IMATA members with a substantial savings on services and products that they need in order to run their facilities. The program’s mission is to provide members with the collective purchasing resources needed to effectively support the successful growth and development of its respective members. 

The purpose is to reduce the total cost of acquiring products and service, streamline the procurement process, enhance supplier performance and support the interest of IMATA members. 

For the Vendor, it will build brand awareness and loyalty between preferred vendors and IMATA’s 1,500 worldwide members.

The International Marine Animal Trainers' Association (IMATA) is now accepting proposals for a “Preferred” Vendor to supply a substantial discount on the following specified supplies and services below, for the next two years to all IMATA members.  The initial two-year contract is for FY2010-2012. 

  • Wetsuits
  • Filtration systems (3 areas: Mechanics, Construction, Artificial Salt Water)
  • Marketing Merchandise (such as, Uniforms, souvenirs, personalized clothing)
  • Boating supplies – (Emergency Floatation Devises)
  • Training Tools (stretchers, targets)
  • Textiles - (towels, personalized towels)
  • Pool Coatings
  • Fish Suppliers
  • Footwear 
  • Photo / Video Systems

If interested in participating in this program. Please contact Michelle Shoemaker at