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Check out these seminars and classes offered by various facilities and organizations around the world. 

Level Up: Zoo Animal Behavior Workshop
by Precision Behavior

8 June 2020 - 12 June 2020

Location: Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society

Description: Unique, immersive 5-day workshop taught by Precision Behavior. The science-based curriculum draws from the fields of psychology, behavior analysis, biology, veterinary medicine, and anthrozoology, among others. Participants will learn the science behind teaching reliable recalls, social management and separations, reduction of stereotypic behavior, plus husbandry and medical behaviors all with voluntary participation of the animals. Regardless of your experience, this workshop will take your skills to the next level! This workshop is designed for zoo professionals, volunteers, interns and students. Limited seating available!

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Associate of Science in Marine Mammal Behavior, Care, & Training
by Dolphin Research Center Training Institute

Description: The Dolphin Research Center Training Institute (DRCTI) was established by Dolphin Research Center (DRC) in 2012 in response to the limited availability of licensed professional educational programs that prepare individuals for careers regarding the behavior, care, and training of marine mammals. Currently, the Training Institute offers an *Occupational Associate's Degree in Marine Mammal Behavior, Care, and Training, with the intention of expanding and offering other degrees within the field of marine mammal professions.



Adult DolphinLab and Focused Career Series
by Dolphin Research Center

Description: Dolphin Research Center's Adult DolphinLab courses offer experiential education at its finest.  Each week-long program features hands-on activities and observation time with the dolphins and an interesting, informative mix of seminars, workshops, demonstrations and more.  You'll learn from the best teachers of all - the dolphins themselves.  Each Adult DolphinLab course is fully college-accredited through The College of the Florida Keys.













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