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IMATA Regional Workshops
IMATA Northeast Regional Workshop
January 2, 2014

28-29 April 2014

Hosted by: New England Aquarium - Boston, MA, USA

Join us for 2 days of exciting presentations, panel discussions, behind the scene tours, and animal training sessions.

Possible presentation and discussion topics include:

  • Disaster planning (a follow up to last year's discussion)
  • Evaluating enrichment programs
  • Species breeding programs
  • Interaction training and programs
  • Animal introductions
  • Fish and turtle training
  • Aggression

Presentations: If you are interested in giving a presentation please prepare an abstract and submit it to Candy Paparo at  Abstracts must be received by 1 April 2014.

Registration: To register please email Kim at by 18 April 2014.

Cost: $15/day for IMATA members, Zoo or Aquarium staff and volunteers.  Please bring employee/volunteer ID or proof of IMATA membership.

$20/day if you do not fit in an above category.  All are welcome!

Payment is due by cash or check upon arrival Monday or Tuesday morning.

Accommodations:  27 - 28 April 2014

Ames Hotel 1 Court St., Boston.  $209, double beds or king bed available.  To reserve call 1-888-293-4112 and say New England Aquarium group.  Must reserve by 26 March 2014. 

Club Quarters 161 Devonshire St., Boston.  $206-224, queen bed or twin beds available.  To reserve call 203-905-2100 and say New England Aquarium, group code NEA427.  Must reserve by 27 March 2014.    

Harborside Inn 185 State St., Boston.  $199-219, queen bed available.  To reserve call 617-723-7500 and say New England Aquarium group.  Rooms are first come first serve.

Public Transportation:

For more information please contact Kim Cummings at or Candy Paparo at

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