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IMATA Regional Workshops
IMATA Southeast Regional Workshop
January 2, 2014

30 May - 1 June 2014

Hosted by: Dolphin Cove 

Come one, come all to IMATA’s Southeast Regional Workshop hosted by Dolphin Cove in sunny Key Largo, FL! Join us 30 May - 1 June 2014 for a remarkable combination of presentations, demonstrations, workshops, behind the scenes tours, guest lectures, and the debut of the Trainer Olympics! Dolphin Cove training, research, education, and veterinary departments will highlight their contributions and successes as they relate to our broader mission of marine mammal and ocean conservation. We welcome all aspiring trainers, research scientists, educators, marine mammal professionals, and students to experience this extraordinary event!

Are you interested in giving a presentation? Dolphin Cove encourages professionals in the field, as well as students, to prepare an abstract and submit it for consideration to by 25 April 2014. Priority will be given to presentations that contribute to an improved understanding, conservation, and management of managed care and wild populations.  Presentations will follow IMATA’s annual conference protocols, limiting talks to 15 minutes each. All presenters will be notified of acceptance by 9 May 2014.

Please call 1-877-DOL-COVE (or 305-365-2683) to register for this exciting event!
All questions should be directed to:


Discount for pre-registration* (by 29 May 2014) - $15 student, $25 IMATA member, $45 non-member
On-site registration* – $20 student, $30 IMATA member, $50 non-member
*Registration fee includes the Friday night Icebreaker. Dinner Saturday night is $20 per person.

IMATA membership is strongly encouraged.  Become an IMATA member today by visiting

Conference Details (subject to change):

  • Research demonstrations reflecting some of Dolphins Plus/Dolphin Cove’s recent peer-reviewed publications (e.g.: medical, training, cognition, acoustics, behavior); research training (e.g.: question-based science, sampling design, introduction to Raven, and statistics 101)
  • Bottlenose dolphin training and husbandry demonstrations (e.g.: stretcher training, gating, voluntary restraint techniques, enrichment, socialization)
  • California sea lion training and husbandry demonstrations (e.g.: jugular blood draw, crate training, pup socialization, animal introductions, and guest interactions)
  • Veterinary demonstrations and lectures from Drs. Bob Stevens, Natalie Noll and Michael Renner (e.g.: marine mammal medicine and disease, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disease in bottlenose dolphins, CT imaging, nebulization, phlebotomy, blood processing/laboratory workshop, ultrasonography)
  • Island Dolphin Care dolphin-assisted therapy historical overview and demonstration at Dolphins Plus
  • Possible guest lectures include: Mark Simmons and Todd Feucht of Ocean Embassy, Beverly Osborne of Theater of the Sea, Deena Hoagland of Island Dolphin Care, Ted Turner of Dolphin Cove, and Steve McCulloch
  • Educational presentations and hands-on activities (e.g.: marine mammal conservation, Florida Keys wildlife and conservation, marine mammal care)
  • Discussions will cover contemporary marine mammal conservation, management, and industry topics (e.g. anthropogenic threats to wild populations, “shockumentaries” such as the movies Blackfish and The Cove, marine mammal legislation, and the future)
  • Career guidance workshop (e.g.: resume building, interview skills, scientific writing, professional conduct)

Schedule of Events:

  • Friday night – Icebreaker
  • Saturday full day – Workshops, Lectures, and Demonstrations
  • Saturday night – Dinner
  • Sunday half day – Workshops, Lectures, and Demonstrations

Final itinerary coming soon!

Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn Key Largo Social Rate
Contact reservations directly by calling 1-866-733-8554. Request a reservation using the “social rate” discount

Marina Del Mar Key Largo
Contact reservations directly by calling 1-800-451-3483. Request a reservation using the “social rate” discount

Courtyard by Marriott Key Largo
Contact reservations directly by calling 1-855-335-1066. Request a reservation using the “social rate” or providing the “ZS7” code

Marriott Key Largo
Contact reservations directly by calling 1-855-410-3911. Request a reservation using the “social rate” or providing the “ZS7” code

Please note the information above provides a 15% discount off rack rate and is based upon availability at time of booking.

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