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IMATA conducts multi-day workshop in Osaka, Japan
November 29, 2017

The International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) conducted a multi-day workshop for students at the Osaka College of Eco and Animals (OCEA) in Osaka, Japan.
OCEA is a two-year college program focusing on animal and behavioral sciences. OCEA’s course offerings include: marine mammal training, zoo-keeping, canine training, marine biology, behavioral ecology, marine mammalogy, and wild animal conservation. Graduates of the OCEA program receive a Japanese government admitted diploma and are certified as a specialist of their respect field.
IMATA representatives, Michelle Campbell and Mark Xitco, traveled to Osaka to lead curriculum focusing on best practices for animal care and husbandry for zoos and aquariums. The program included classroom lectures and discussion groups.
IMATA believes that sharing best practices on the care and training of animals is important between people of different cultures. It is a positive way to make changes that directly benefit marine animals. Through participation in these workshops, caregivers and students have access to a network of professionals continually working to improve training and care techniques. 
Accepting OCEA’s invitation to share advancements in marine animal care has allowed IMATA to stay true to its commitment to provide progressive learning opportunities and promote improved animal care. The advancements in marine animal care throughout IMATA's 45-year history are a testament to this approach in successfully affecting change. Through participation in IMATA workshops, trainers and students have the opportunity to improve his or her skills and benefit from the most current best animal care and training practices to ensure the well-being of animals in their care.
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