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Additional Workshops, Seminars, and Classes
Wildlife and Exotic Animal Symposium at UC Davis
December 23, 2018

Our 34th Annual Wildlife and Exotic Animal Symposium will feature a diverse range of topics on a variety of species such as rabbits, reptiles, goldfish, sea otters, birds of prey, and primates to name a few. Information on diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, surgical procedures, anesthesia, and zoo/conservation medicine will also be provided.

This two-day program will also feature a track specifically for veterinary technicians and vet assistants. An avian handling interactive demonstration is also available as a separate registration. Space is limited for this session so be sure to register early. This conference is perfect for anyone who sees the occasional exotic pet or specializes in this unique area of veterinary medicine.


For more information, please download the Wildlife and Exotic Animal flyer here.

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